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    Extract from 2009 AGM slides

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dc report 2012

When I returned to Nottingham in 2008, 2012 was an agenda item on the District Executive Agenda, to mark it's centenary. While on reflection, I am not sure this is factually correct, we did however celebrate our centenary in 2012. What is factually correct, is our constitution, the Royal Charter granted to the Scout Association was 100 years old.

We launched our celebrations with the publication of a booklet of programme ideas, which was launched at the end of 2011, a copy being given to every member. I would like to thank Tony Ross and Jon Bugg for their significant contribution to the planning and implementation of our 2012 activities.

For me,the real success of our year of celebration was our external events, The Big Day held in the Market Square, and the Royal Jubilee Visit, held on Vernon Park.

These things don't happen by accident. In 2009 following my appointment as District Commissioner, I presented my Growth Strategy. Included in this was a priority of creating a relationship between the City Scout District and the City Council, as at the time there was no relationship. We now have a really good relationship with the City Council and a number of City Councillors. I would like to thank my new Deputy, Simon Clark in particular for helping build these relationships over the past 4 years. For sure, without these relationships, our events in the Market Square and at Vernon Park would not have happened.

The Council supported us financially, and helped us with the planning and logistics of The Big Day, and our recruitment campaign of banners in the Market Square, and then our bus advertising. They were also instrumental in ensuring the City Scouts were represented at Vernon Park for the Royal Jubilee visit.

For me there were two elements we had to get right for the Royal Visit, the first that all Groups were given the opportunity of being involved, the second the activities we provided were representative of what we do. I was very proud of everybody involved on the day, and we were rewarded by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge not only visiting us, but taking part in our activities, and talking with our young people. I am sure everybody involved will remember the day for many years to come, and for sure, we more than made a success of the occasion.


The number of Chief Scouts Awards we present to young people across all the Sections demonstrates the high standard of Scouting offered across the City, and 2012 was no exception, with a record number of awards being presented

Our District Summer Camp at Great Tower in the Lake District was also a success, with a coach load of Scouts and Explorer Scouts participating. I would like to thank Dan Gibbs for organising the camp, and Carl Towner for his Mountain Permit, which ensured everybody got into the mountains.

I was disappointed in the take up of a number of the 2012 activities, but we put those behind us and move on.

We made good progress with volunteer Leader Training. The introduction of Group Scout Leaders taking responsibility for validating the training of Leaders in their own Group simplified the validation process for Leaders. The introduction of fast track training introduced options for Leaders to complete their training faster. Our Young Leader training also moved forward, with more young people becoming involved with leadership.

The success of 2012 is reflected in our January 2013 census, reflecting a second year of significant growth. There are now more young people in Scouting in the City of Nottingham than there has been before this century. A remarkable achievement by all of our volunteers, so let me say a big thank you to every volunteer in Scouting in the City. Keep up the good work, it really is worth it, you are making a difference.

thank you

Chris Flewitt

District Commissioner