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young people first

You as a Young Leader

In your role, you are taking on adult responsibilities of leadership, but you are still legally a young person (under 18), which puts you in a special, and unique position

As a leader, you need to be seen by the Beavers, Cubs or Scouts that you are leading as being part of the adult team. You will be participating in the sections activities as a leader, not as a young member. This will mean you are helping run the activities, rather than participating as a young person.

From your previous camping experience, you will be aware that leaders are not allowed to share a tent with young people. This rule also applies to you, as a young leader

Remember though, you are still a young person yourself, and so you are still protected as a young person within Scouting, which means you cannot share a tent with the adults either

This means, while camping as a young leader, you can only share a tent with another young leader

This is called segregation, and it is enforced for your benefit and protection


In your role you are encouraged to take on the responsibilities of leadership. However, as a young leader when you take on these responsibilities, the adult leaders remain over all responsible for the activities you are leading. If something goes wrong, it is the adults, not the young leader that is held accountable.

When you are leading an activity, if you encounter a problem you feel you cannot handle, then refer it to an adult. You should never be put in a situation where adults are not available to help.

If you have any concerns, whether they are about the activities you are running, or about any of the young people in your section, then refer these concerns to an appropriate adult.

The safeguarding, or child protection rules that apply to you in your special and unique role of Young Leader are summarised on the Orange Card. These rules are for your benefit, and it is important that you are aware of the rules, and have a copy of them, so please click the link and read the rules.

If you have not been issued with an Orange Card, then email us using the form below putting in the message box that you want an Orange Card sending to you, and the postal address you want it sending too