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walesby scout activity centre

The activity centre is run by the Walesby Forest Charity, number 1147348, on behalf of the City of Nottingham Scout District. The charity invests all profits earned back into the centre to further improve the facilities and activities offered to the young people using the facility. Walesby Forest charity pay the City of Nottingham District Scouts an annual fee, which is used to support the District hardship fund, enabling more Scouts to participate in more outdoor activities, and for the development of Scouting in the inner city area's of Nottingham.

Quality Assurance

For the purpose of regulation, the activity centre is commercially led, so the activities run are in compliance with Policy, Organisation and Rules chapter 9, for commercially led activities.

Safeguarding Policy

DBS checks are completed for all employees to the level required for the position held. All staff supervising young people, or resident on site have an enhanced check prior to being employed.

The Scout Association yellow card has been adopted by the centre

The Walesby Forest Safeguarding Policy is available on request from the Centre.

Safety Policy

Safety is a high priority at Walesby Forest

The Safety Policy is based on TSA Policy

The full Safety Policy is available on request from the Centre.


Walesby Forest has its own Personal Liability Insurance as required by POR.

No activities run by Walesby Forest require additional insurance as specified in POR


The activity matrix on this page lists all the activities provided by Walesby Forest, with links to TSA activity rules for commercially led activities, links to the Walesby activity risk assessment, the minimum instructor qualification per POR, and the Walesby instructor qualification.

This documentation is also to satisfy Local Educational Authority and/or Board of Governors requirements for Activity Centres, which is considered to be a higher level than that requied by TSA

AbseilabseilingNoClimbing Wall Award (CWA) with abseil module for man made wallsIn-house Training MIC assessed
adventureNoNoneIn-house Training
Aerialaerial-runwayNoNoneIn-house Training MIC assessed
archeryarcheryNoArchery GB (GNAS) Leader AwardArchery Leaders award
assault courseconfidence-courseNoNoneIn-house Training
bodyboardingNoNoneIn-house Training
brain drainNoNoneIn-house Training
camp fireNoNoneIn-house Training
Canoe CapsizekayakingNoBCU coach awardBCU 2star as minimum
cave mazeNoNoneIn-house Training
circus skillsNoNoneIn-house Training
climbing wallclimbingNoMTUK Climbing Wall Award (CWA)In-house Training MIC assessed
crate stackingcrate-climbingNoNoneIn-house Training MIC assessed
crazy golfNoNoneIn-house Training
csiNoNoneIn-house Training
fencingNoNoneIn-house Training
Frisbee golfNoNoneIn house training
giant catapultNoNoneIn-house Training
jacobs ladderhigh-ropesNoNoneIn-house Training MIC assessed
kayaking canadianskayakingNoBCU Coach AwardBCU 2 Star as a minimum
Laser QuestLaser GunsNoNoneln house training
leap of faithhigh-ropesNoNoneIn-house Training MIC assessed
Long Range ArcheryArcheryNoArchery GB (GNAS) Leader AwardArchery Leaders award
Low RopesConfidence courseNoNoneIn house training
metal detectingNoNoneIn-house Training
nightlineNoNoneIn-house Training
orienteeringorienteeringNoNoneIn-house Training
quadsquad-bikingNoNoneIn-house Training
raft buildingraft-buildingNoBCU Coach AwardIn-house Trained Raft Building Course.
river crossingNoNoneIn-house Training
Rope climbClimbingNoMTUK Climbing Wall Award (CWA)In-house Training MIC assessed
search & rescueNoNoneIn-house Training
shootingshootingNoRange Conducting OfficerNSRA- National small bore rifle association
swimmingswimmingNoRLSS National Pool LifeguardRLSS National Pool Lifeguard Qualification, STA Lifeguard Qualification
team challengeNoNoneIn-house Training
traverse wallNoNoneIn-house Training
Water RocketsNononein house training
wobble poleclimbingNoMTUK Climbing Wall Award (CWA)In-house Training MIC assessed
zip wireaerial-runwayNoNoneIn-house Training MIC assessed
zorb ballszorbingNoNoneIn-house Training