About City of Nottingham Scouts

There are around 1400 members of the Scout Association within the City of Nottingham Scout District. Our members attend 22 Scout Groups in all areas of the City.

We are registered in England as Charity Number 1027539.

Scout Groups

Scout Groups are made up of Beaver Colonies (5 to 8 year olds), Cub Packs (8 to 101/2 year olds, and Scouts (101/2 year olds). Each Scout Group is recognised by its own colours on its neck scarf and is run as an independent charity, has its own trustees and management team. Each Scout Group has a manager, known as a Group Scout Leader (GSL) who reports to the District Commissioner. The leadership team in the Scout Group report to the Group Scout Leader.

Every Scout Group is governed by a set of rules and regulations documented in Policy, Organisation and Rules.

 The leadership teams are responsible for providing the programme for the young people and looking after their welfare. The young people have an input into what they do while experiencing Scouting.

Scout District

City of Nottingham Scouts is our Scout District and all Scouting that takes place within our City boundaries are the Districts responsibility.

The District has a senior manager, known as a District Commissioner (DC) who is responsible for managing and supporting Scouting across the City. The District Commissioner appoints a District Team to help him with this task. Below are the members of our District Team and what they are responsible for.

Andy Taylor.jpg

Andy Taylor

District Commissioner

Responsible for managing the Group Scout Leaders across the District and the District Team.


Paul Kanikowski

Deputy District Commissioner

Responsible for Scout Groups in Bulwell, Bulwell Forest, Bestwood, Sherwood, Basford, Leen Valley, Berridge, Aspley and the Meadows


James Pidgeon

Deputy District Commissioner

Responsible for Scout Groups in  Wollaton West, Lenton & Wollaton East, Hyson Green & Arboretum, Radford, Mapperley, Castle, St Ann's, Dales, Clifton East and Clifton West.

Justin Fisher.png

Justin Fisher

Deputy District Commissioner

Responsible for Explorer Scouts, Young Leaders, Scout Network and Scout Active Support



Youth Commissioner

Responsible for ensuring young people are involved in shaping Scouting across the City

Andy Cumberpatch.jpg

Andy Cumberpatch

ADC Beavers

Responsible forsupporting Beaver Scouts across the City

Deb Cumberpatch.jpg

Deb Cumberpatch

ADC Cubs

Responsible for supporting Cub  Scouts across the City



ADC Scouts

Responsible for supporting  Scouts across the City


Josh Sims

Explorer Scout Commissioner

Responsible for supporting  Explorer Scouts across the City


Dave Taylor

Scout Network Commissioner

Responsible for Scout Network in the City

Lindsay Trevor.jpg

Lindsay Trevor

ADC Activities

Responsible for organising District events, activities and promotions



Ken Eley

Training Manager

Responsible for ensuring our volunteers are trained for their role.


The District is a charity with its own board of trustees that is responsible for the governance of Scouting within the City and ensuring there are adequate resources to deliver an affordable programme for all our young people.

Walesby Forest and Sycamore Dining income have ensured the District Membership Fee, which should around £55 per young person, was discounted by 50% in 2022. 


The District has funds which Scout Groups may apply for from time to time.

The Hardship Fund is available to help young people and volunteers who cannot afford to participate in Scouting activities without financial support. This fund can also be applied to for the purchase of uniform and activity gear.

For more details and application forms click here

Walesby Forest

The City of Nottingham Scouts own the Walesby Forest land. The Walesby Forest Activity Centre is run by an independent charity in partnership with the District, providing the District with a small rental income. The profits from the operation of Walesby Forest are re-invested into developing the centre.

Walesby Forest
Sycamore Dining

Sycamore Dining is a community interest company (CIC) that was set up as a service to the community and to help support  City of Nottingham Scouts financially. Sycamore Dining provide luncheon clubs for the elderly to help combat loneliness and social isolation. They do this by bringing people together to eat an affordable meal. In particular they target the most vunerable generation, the elderly.

In the school summer holidays of 2022 they are providing cooking meals to vulnerable families with school children in Bilborogh, a neighbourhood which is one of the poorest areas in the country . The profits from operating the CIC are donated to the City of Nottingham Scouts for the benefit of young people.

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