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Scouting for all

Nottingham Scouts is a volunteer-run organization dedicated to helping young people in Nottingham succeed. They have recently undertaken a number of projects that promote inclusion and address deprivation and financial support issues in the local community. Come explore the projects and discover how Nottingham Scouts is making a difference

Membership Discount

Our Scouts membership subscription is £56.50 per young person, paying for running cost of The Scout Association, and support costs for our County and  District. We are delighted to be able to offer subsidised subscriptions, based on the deprivation index of where members live. This is made possible thanks to funding from Sycamore Dining Community Interest Company by supplying hot cooked meals to the elderly and vulnerable; and rental income from Walesby Forest Activity Centre.

Discounting membership fees enable money saved by Groups to be spent on providing subsidised activities for young people

Getting everyone outdoors 

Walesby Forest will support a bursary fund to allow all City of Nottingham District Scouts who are identified by the district as being in need of support to camp for free.  There will be no limit to the number of times these scouts can camp at Walesby Forest each year.  Groups eligible to apply will be informed by the District of the requirements and process to be followed.

2023 Bursary Benefits

All City District Groups camp for free at Walesby on the Wake Up Weekend (2 nights in March) and District Camp over the May Day weekend (3 nights).

Groups identified as Tier 1 will camp for free at any time (minimum 2 nights), the camp fees being paid in total by the bursary.

Groups identified as Tier 2 will camp for £1 per night (minimum 2 nights), the balance being paid by the bursary.

The following activities are available for free if booked in advance (and available):

  1. Nightline, Circus Skills, Giant Catapult and Traverse Wall (1 hour, max 12 people)

  2. Pioneering Poles (48 hours)

  3. Orienteering and Frisbee Golf


Other activities need to be booked and paid for per Nottinghamshire Scouts Price List.

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Eligibility criteria

Eligibility is dependent on the level of membership discount received by Scout Groups or Explorer Units each year. Eligible Groups and Units will be informed in writing each year of the benefits available to them. There will be two tiers, the first for Groups/Units receiving 75+% discount, the second receiving between 50 and 75% discount.   Information is obtained from annual Group Census/membership information.

Growth & Development

We have employed a Growth & Development Officer for a two year period to recruit young people into Scouting, with a focus on young people living in the more deprived areas of Nottingham. 

A new Scout Troop has already opened in Aspley, and we have had success recruiting in Bilborough and Bestwood, all areas of deprivation

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