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Our Grants


Member Support

Support for individual members from families struggling financially, whether its help with buying uniform, or enabling the member to attend an activity or event. 

The application needs to be made by a team leader on behalf of the member. The Scout Group is expected to contribute to the cost with District match funding.


Property Maintenance

Each Scout Group is responsible for completing property risk assessments. If this shows urgent repairs or improvements are required to mitigate the risks and the Group don't have the funding required, then an application for funding by District can be applied for here.


Membership Subscription

Each Group and District are required to pay an annual subscription to the Scout Association based on the annual census each January. District is able to discount membership fees for young people living in areas of high deprivation (determined by postcode) by submission of Group Membership using our downloadable template.

This grant is only available to Scout Groups in The City of Nottingham for 3 weeks following the annual census each year.

Flies Required:

  • Membership Discount

  • Last Group Annual Report

  • or Trustees 

  • Copy of Group bank statement from the last 3 months

  • Group bank statement from the last 3 months

The following information is required when applying for all our grants:

  • Details of the person applying for the grant

  • Latest Annual Report and Accounts for the Group

  • Name of Group Trustees

  • Copy Group bank statement from the last 3 months

  • Specific details relating to the grant being applied for

Applications not completed in full will not be accepted.

Send applications through thislink.

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